She Was A Very Wicked Woman – Neighbour Of Woman Who Killed Her Husband And Three Kids

 A few days ago, a report surfaced about a woman who murdered her husband and three children in Benue. A neighbour of the deceased, one honourable Nelson Uwua, took to social media to share his own side of the story as their neighbour. Read his post below;”TRUTH AND THE REPORT OF WHAT HAPPEN ABOUT A WOMAN (RACHAEL) WHO SLAUGHTER HER 3KIDS AND KILL HUSBAND (NICK ADETSAV) IN BENUE STATE. The neighbors are not wicked! I happens to be one of the neighbor, we are in the house of five neighbor’s which is five apartment, the four neighbors always come together for something, sometimes we even eat together, we show love to each other among the four tenant, but for nick and his wife and children, they don’t greet or neither answer greeting, we don’t touch anything that belongs to them, because you will not even see it at first place, they are always indoor especially the woman, the kids go to school everyday except Saturday and Sunday and during Holliday’s, the husband is a worker with Mkd local government, a senior staff, I was surprise, when they told me the wife too is also a worker with the same Mkd local government, in agric department because she’s always indoor, so they care if anybody wake up or not, outside people don’t come to the compound, if one try to get water, she will drag the water down and push you outside and close the gate, the woman is very wicked, I have never seen such in my life before.  That evening, the woman put her Television on with a high volume, three generator were put on in the compound, everybody was inside watching news or films, we don’t see or notice any sign of fight but she kill her husband with pestle before slaughter her three children , I was not there or saw her doing it, but we notice her passed action when she come out to smarsh the car, that was when we got to know something was going on, she went inside and lock her door and there was no sign of human sound inside the room because we draw close to their window after her action outside, the neighbor’s decided to call the police and vigilante and they responded immediately, when they came and brake the door, we saw them death.So how are we wicked? Photo Credit: Getty

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