Wednesday, March 22, 2023

That Sharp Naija Guy: Overcoming Your Introverted Nature In Your Quest To Find A Girl

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You see her almost everywhere you go. You smile at her with your whole heart, you treasure her with every fibre in your being. But due to your introverted nature, the best you can say to her is — Hi! — your heart burst into a 120-meter race whenever you come close to her.
Well it’s not your fault. It’s inherent in your attitude, and you can’t change it. You are an extremely quiet young man venturing into a world that requires uttermost outspokenness, and believe me, it won’t be easy for you (else you are lucky enough to get a girl that will “toast” you). There are few things you need to know in your quest to overcome your introverted nature while toasting a lady.
Don’t Look Desperate
The importance of this point can never be overemphasized. I know you love her deeply. You love her more than you love yourself. But believe me, you don’t want her to know how you really feel about her. If for any reason, she gets the impression that you can’t live without her, then you should be prepared to get NO as an answer.
Be Slow To Declare Your Love
Your introverted nature has already placed you at a huge disadvantage. attempting to rush her into a relationship will only amount to shooting yourself in the foot. You need to take things slowly. Remember, she might also be secretly coveting you as the love of her life. Taking your intentions to her bit-by-bit will go a long way in making your wish sink into her heart.
Start As A Friend
The easiest way to establish yourself in the heart of anybody, is to start as a friend. Rather than declaring your undying love for her just five minutes after you met her, you need to to start off as a good friend and a close ally. it will go a long way in convincing her on your true intentions.
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