That Sharp Naija Guy: How To Know The Perfect Gift To Buy For Your Lady

“Hey Love, I bought tickets for us to watch a romantic movie.” Her Reply: “Nah, I don’t feel like going to the cinema”. “Hey love, I bought your favorite album while at work, now you can listen to it while driving” Her Reply: “I am tired of that song, I want something new”. “Take these roses my love” Her Reply: “What do you want me to do with these plastic flowers? Dump it in the bin please”.
The insatiable nature of a Nigerian lady can drive every guy to the verge of an outburst once in a while. They make all your gifts look out of context and few days later, they will accuse you of not being romantic. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to make a lady happy with a surprise gift.
But overtime, study has proven that Nigerian ladies are really not as “unpleasable” as we make them look. As a matter of fact, we (guys) are to blame for the gift buying problem we have with ladies. How? We have been buying the wrong gift all along. We bought lingerie for a religious lady. We bought a book for a restless lady. We bought N20 candy for a 25-year-old lady. In simple terms, we have failed to consider their personality before buying a gift for them.
So what is the way forward — i hear you ask? The solution is quite simple and straight forward. CONSIDER WHO SHE IS BEFORE BUYING SOMETHING FOR HER. Is she a fashionista? Is she an outdoor person? Is she a spendthrift? Finding the right answer to questions like these will bring you half-way on your quest to find the perfect gift. Buying the latest Denim top for example, will make your fashionista girlfriend leap for joy. Giving your girlfriend tickets of the concert of her favorite band will be the perfect gift for an outdoor lady. Taking your lady on a shopping spree will be the perfect gift for a spendthrift.
In a situation where your girlfriend is too mysterious to understand, you can settle for universally acceptable gifts like a bar of expensive chocolate.
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