Saturday, January 22, 2022

That Sharp Naija Guy: Was 2017 A Positive Or Negative Year For Your Relationship?

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Again we find our selves at the most wonderful part of the year. That part of the year when we slob-up for a whole week without expecting any form of adverse effect. That part of the year when we receive a ton load of hampers and other delicious goodies. That part of the year when we share the joy of the season with our loved ones that we have been too busy to see during the year. It also stand as that part of the year when we reflect on the life we have lived for the concluding calendar year. It would be an amazing idea for you to wrap up this year with your first ever relationship review. Yes. Relationship review.
I am pretty sure that you have been reviewed at one point or another in your life. Today, you will be carrying out this review on your relationship with your lady. Have you guy’s been at each others necks? Did the relationship advance from the state it was in the previous year? Did you and your partner work on your old repetitive misunderstandings? Or Did the both of you “dip your heads in the sand” with the hope that your problems will pass away?
My dear Naija guy, you ain’t getting any younger. It is time for you to start assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship to assure yourself of a promising future. It is time to deliberate whether to make more long term plans with your girl, or to call off that relationship that you are just hanging in for sex.
The advantages of a relationship review are abundantly numerous. Aside the fact that it will create a rare room for deep conversations, It will also serve as a perfect environment to discuss methods of tackling common misunderstandings between the both of you. A relationship review is the perfect opportunity to assure your girl that you are in her long term plans. Believe me. You will automatically find your self in the list of husband material guys if you present this topic to any Nigerian lady.
Don’t expect me to list out the questions you will use to assess your relationship. As a matter of fact, don’t listen to anybody that attempts to list the questions that you should apply in your relationship. Reason being; I am not in your relationship. A third party is not a major stakeholder in your relationship. The only person that can list the yardstick questions for you is YOU. So put pen on paper, and start writing out matters important enough to be reviewed.
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