Oko Iyabo: How Shameless And Insensitive Can You Be – Dayo Amusa Slams Yomi Fabiyi

Outspoken Nollywood actress Dayo Amusa had been quiet about the entire Baba Ijesha and comedienne Princess’ goddaughter sexual assault saga, but she finally has decided to break her silence and speak about the new controversial movie by Yomi Fabiyi ‘Oko Iyabo’ which is somehow a mirror of the entire sexual assault situation.

In a post shared on Instagram, Dayo Amusa called out Yomi Fabiyi saying his new movie is insensitive and very shameless. She further out Yomi Fabiyi for his audacity to even send her a link to his new movie on WhatsApp.
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Dayo Amusa said she often does not judge people because every individual sees things and reacts to a situation differently.

However, it makes no sense for someone’s pain and tribulation to be turned into something of mockery, adding that TAMPAN, Censors Board, and the court of law shouldn’t shy away from the issue.
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She wrote: In as much as I choose not to speak openly about the ongoings but there are issues one must not keep quiet on. Seeing a video of a movie by Yomi Fabiyi today has proved how much of a shame and insensitive he is. You even had the effrontery to share the movie link with me on WhatsApp.

I don’t judge people as I believe we all see things and react to situations differently but Under no circumstances should someone’s pain and tribulation be turned into a thing of mockery. Yomi just proved how much he lacks empathy. To what extent if I may ask, TAMPAN, Censors Boards and the court of law shouldn’t shy away from this. Ilu ti o sofin ni ko si ese. Anje ekuru ko tan! I am disappointed. LETS BE GUIDED O.


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KOKO TV Recalls that TAMPAN, in a statement, condemns Yomi Fabiyi’s new movie, ‘Oko Iyabo’, and summoned him, stating the actor’s invitation became necessary because of the controversy the film has generated against their ethics and virtue.

According to the press statement, the movie producer and director Yomi Fabiyi will appear before the committee on the 11th of July, 2021.

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