Shame on You! Topless Kim Kardashian Savaged For Using Daughter Chicago West In New Ad Campaign

Social media trolls have savaged Kim Kardashian for her latest post. Kim’s Instagram page has been heating up, with some risqué shots from her latest KKW Beauty campaign. Her most recent campaign photo features a special guest – her daughter Chicago West.Sitting on the lap of a tοpless Kardashian, the 9-month-old is practically asleep for her modeling debut. Her mom’s nearly naked body makes it hard to admire how adorable the youngest West child is – and onlookers are questioning why the reality star got Chi involved in the provocative photo shoot. “Nope. This is weird,” and “You could have done that with a shirt on,” are just two of the comments people wrote. Others added, “You are so sick Kim, stop doing this to your babies,” and “You are boring, and you are using your child to get attention. Shame on you!”One observer even made a joke about the way the photo shoot likely went down, commenting, “Photographer: you need a prop…Kim: Hi Chi, come to mommy.” But many others came to Kardashian’s defense, pointing out that it is simply a beautiful shot between a mother and daughter. “Is a mother not supposed to take pics with their child?” asked one commenter. Others reflected on the image, noting that including family in the photo makes it the best picture of the campaign. “There is no love like mother love,” wrote one person, while another posted, “This is a better picture than the others tbh.” This KKW Beauty campaign photo follows one in which Kardashian’s older daughter, North, wears bright orange makeup to match her dress. Unsurprisingly, followers shamed the mother of three for having her 5-year-old in any makeup at all. Regardless, it’d be hard to argue that all of the Kardashian-West girls aren’t super-cute.Photo Credit: Getty

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