#SexForGrades: Timi Dakolo, Toke Makinwa Speak Up

#SexForGrades: Timi Dakolo, Toke Makinwa Speak Up
Nigerian singer Timi Dakolo and OAP Toke Makiwa have given their takes on BBC Africa‘s undercover documentary which investigated how lecturers in tertiary institutions request for sex from their students in exchange for academic favour.

Individuals, organisations, bodies and agencies have all given their thoughts and opinion on the ill act and and today, we have the two celebrities who have been in the news for quite some time now. Timi Dakolo expressed his deepest shock at how the alleged Pastor and Lecturer Dr. Boniface led his victim to say Kingdom prayers, welcoming her into the kingdom of God.#SexForGrades: Timi Dakolo, Toke Makinwa Speak Up

Sharing the picture above, Timi Dakolo wrote, “Nowadays when someone is saying “I give God the Glory” We need to ask, Which God?
Toke Makinwa, on the other hand, expressed her deep feelings for the victims while calling the lecturers beasts. “#Sexforgrades. Even if it has never happened to you I am most certainly sure you know someone who has had to endure unnecessary pressure, sexual advances, harassment and all sort of despicable utterances from these beasts called “lecturers”.

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What a time to be alive, what a time to join the conversation. My heart deeply goes out to all the females out there who have gone into depression because one lecturer refused to let them go until they traded their bodies for grades, some have committed suicide, some dropped out, until you’ve had to endure it, you honestly do not want to imagine how frustrating it can be. Lecturers purposely holding on to your result, asking you to show them your breast, touch them and make them feel good or else you won’t pass the course.

Watching that documentary broke me, I couldn’t but imagine the women in his church he must have also used his position of power to intimidate too. Like how can you call the name of God so carelessly? Now I hear he attempted suicide yesterday, what a coward. You cannot die, uncle, you must face the hand of the law“, she wrote.

#SexForGrades: Timi Dakolo, Toke Makinwa Speak Up
Photos Credit: Instagram/Timi Dakolo,Toke Makinwa

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