Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Sex For Roles: Is Acting Opportunity To Look For Pr*ck? – Bukunmi Oluwasina

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Nollywood star and singer Bukunmi Oluwasina has sparked a conversation and controversy on the demeaning sex for roles activities ongoing in the Nigerian music industry, wondering if the industry is an avenue to look for sex.

Bukunmi Oluwasina in a lengthy post she put out on her Instagram story noted that there are some categories of people who only come into the industry with the aim of meeting, being friends with and dating or even marry a particular celebrity.Sex For Roles: Is Acting Opportunity To Look For Prick? - Bukunmi Oluwasina“One day, we are also going to have a conversation about some people who came into the industry with the aim of having the opportunity to meet, be friends with, or date, sleep with or even marry a particular celebrity. Some would get lucky and some would’nt.
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“And some would end up becoming a bone in the neck of the celebrity just Cos they have done too much for them to let them go. Always appearing in their scander list and later leading to creating problems for their marriage. I just think half of the problems Of this world would be solved if we as individuals know how to control ourselves.”Sex For Roles: Is Acting Opportunity To Look For Prick? - Bukunmi OluwasinaAddressing the matters of up and coming actresses, Bukunmi said, “Meanwhile, the way I run into some upcomings in locations these days, dressed like upcoming prostitutes. I ask myself if it’s Acting opportunity they are looking for or prick. That alone could even put a clause in the mind of someone who could have helped you without asking for anything IF you had dressed properly”.
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“School, you will not go: Audition you won’t go. Na only to dey send dms to celebrity hand hooking up with them. Idi omo elomin ma fe j’ona ko to gbon. You think any celebrity can make you a star? No fam. Only GOD and YOU can make you a star. I’m just worried about these naive young girls”, she added.Sex For Roles: Is Acting Opportunity To Look For Prick? - Bukunmi OluwasinaSex For Roles: Is Acting Opportunity To Look For Prick? - Bukunmi OluwasinaTRENDING VIDEO OF THE DAY: This Is Why I Don’t Chill With Subjects – Angela Okorie

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