Seun Kuti Floats Cheerful Givers Association Of Nigeria (CGAN) To Counter Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria

Singer Seun Kuti has established a new association called “Cheerful Givers Association of Nigeria” (CGAN) to counter the highly acclaimed “Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria” (SMAN). The singer made the announcement via his Instagram page and said the stingy men association was trying to give Nigerian men a bad name in the society.

The singer shared that Nigerian men understand how to take care of their women and do a good job while at it.  He also mentioned that African women deserve to be taken care of because they are worth it. The motto of the new society is “Because African Women Are Worth It”. Seun Kuti declared himself the National Chairman and convener of the group.

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A lot of celebrities have also been recruited to the new group and have declared that they do a good job spoiling their women and would continue to do so.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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