Seriously Kim! Kim Kardashian’s Suffers Epic ‘Photoshop Fail’….She Herself CANNOT Deny It

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian was mercilessly trolled after her latest Instagram picture includes what appears to be a pretty big Photoshop fail.The 37-year-old was in Washington DC for the March For Our Lives rally against gun violence when she decided to share a photo of herself walking, but something was not right. She posted the picture as she attended the rally with husband Kanye as well as baby North. The Keeping Up With The Kardashian star was quickly ridiculed by followers after she shared the picture, which squashed a car in the background and bent the curb.If you’re still scrambling around for clues as to what’s gone wrong in the above picture, take a look at the curvy lines on the floor to Kim’s left. And how could you miss the car in the background which looks like it’s been through a crusher?  The reality star disabled comments on the post after it was spotted by fans.Photo Credit: Kim Kardashian



  1. […] Kim Kardashian West, is definitely not going to let the stories that her #March4OurLives Instagram picture was photo-shopped, as she took to her website this week to explain why the picture looks photo-shopped when it actually was just a mirrored image. In her post, Kim Kardashian stated that at the first instance, the picture was captured and uploaded by a fan. She claimed that she only added a filter to the image. See her post below: “I’m seeing online and on news media outlets that I suffered a “Photoshop fail.” So ridiculous! I reposted a picture on Instagram that a fan had already posted—I only added a filter to it. It looks like the fan mirrored the photo, which is the reason the car looks like that. So, this is actually really funny to me! Who would even Photoshop a car to look like that?! LOL“. Photo Credit: Kim K […]

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