Wednesday, December 1, 2021

#Senegal Produces $1 Quick Coronavirus Testing Kits, $60 Ventilators…Has The Largest Recovery Rate In #Africa

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West African country of Senegal and its research institute led by Amadou Sall has developed testing kits which they use for testing their citizens for the dreaded coronavirus disease.

At a time when the world is struggling to control the spread and impact of Coronavirus, Senegal is employing it’s technical and medical expertise to implement mass testing in the country.

Senegalese scientists have developed $1 quick diagnostic Covid-19 testing kits and is testing everyone; with or without symptoms. The Covid-19 testing kits work just like a pregnancy test where people drop blood or saliva onto the kit and their Covid-19 test result shows within a short period of time.

Coronavirus COVID-19With a population of over 16 million people, and only 50 ventilators nationwide, Senegalese engineers have also developed and are 3D printing ventilators for $60 as opposed to the $16,000 ventilators available worldwide.

Dr Amadou Saal revealed that Senegal is gearing towards producing between 2 to 4 million kits that can be used in other countries as well as domestically.Photo Credit: Getty

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