See What A Woman Did To Her Nine-Year-Old Cousin After Accusing Him Of Defiling His 3-Year-Old Sister

A woman, Chinyere James, has been arrested by the police in the Okokomaiko division, Lagos State, for allegedly torturing her nine-year-old cousin, Emmanuel. It was learnt that the victim had been wrongly accused by the 28-year-old of defiling his three-year-old sister at their home on Akinberu Road, Okokomaiko. The aunt, without investigation, allegedly flogged him for hours, as his plea of innocence fell on deaf ears.

A resident was said to have rescued him and reported the matter to the Lagos State Office of the Public Defender. An official of the agency, who did not want to be identified, said the case was reported to the police. She said, “The boy’s mother, Joy, and the aunt, Chinyere, live in the same single-room apartment with their parents. Joy, who is 27 years old, had Emmanuel and the three year-old for different men.

“Chinyere tortured the boy for an offence he didn’t commit. Investigation showed that it was one of their neighbours that defiled the boy’s three-year-old sister. When the police interrogated Joy, she took responsibility for the injuries on the boy’s body and lied that Chinyere did not touch the boy. But the truth later came out. The police arrested her and her sister, Joy, while the two children were taken into protective custody.”

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