Meet The 25-years-old Woman With Gigantic Boobs That Would Not Stop Growing

In the era of Boobs and butt appreciation, a 25-years-old white woman is seeking boobs reduction over her breast that would not stop growing. The mother of one has a J cup and is suffering from macromastia, a rare condition that causes abnormal enlargement of the breast tissue. The lady, Fiona Hornby from Bolton, Greater Manchester revealed that she has struggled with her cup size since she was ten and she grew from a C cup to a 48 J during puberty. Fiona revealed that she is now housebound due to her gigantic size which she said is ruining her life. Fiona was diagnosed with macromastia in 2015, and she claims she even struggles to leave the house because of the back pain and avoids “My huge breasts have ruined my life. They have affected everything. My self-esteem has hit rock bottom, I can’t find any clothes that fit and can’t wear the same things as people my age. I have terrible back pains caused by the weight of my breasts. I can’t hoover or sleep properly. If I do washing up I have to take a break halfway through because the pain is terrible. I find it difficult to go out in public because people think I’ve got big boobs because I look fat. Some people have even asked if I have had a boob job as they’re that large. Fiona’s condition has left her with discoloured breasts that are covered in painful sores and rashes. From the age of 10 till just past college everything I wore put my boobs on show. When I was still in primary school I was a C cup. I’d be called a ‘slag’ because it always looked like I was trying to show them off but I wasn’t, I just wanted to wear the same things as other girls…The pain sometimes can be horrendous. I once got really terrified because I was getting in the bath and I looked down and my breasts were purple. People say ‘I wish could swap with you’ but I say ‘you don’t,’ they’re ruining my life. I once went to get a bra fitted and I went to the changing room and the lady in the fitting room turned to me and said ‘we don’t do your size’. It was very, very upsetting.’ Fiona is now desperately seeking life-changing breast reduction surgery, that will cost her £5,500.Photo Credit: Getty


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