Season Of Love: Here Are Six Songs That Will Help You Score Some Valentine Points

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, its the day for lovers around the world to take time out to celebrate love and appreciate their partners. In celebrating this occasion, people go for the occasional breakfast in bed, the dinner date and the whole buying of gifts. But all this is incomplete without music, without the perfect sound that captures this special occasion. So here are six that are perfect for the Valentine mood.
1. Daniel Caesar- Blessed:
This particular song which is off this Canadian artist’s Freudian album is perfect for the breakfast in bed mojo. You play this as you wake your partner to a delicious plate of love.
2. Ed Sheeran- Wake Me Up:
This is also a good song to start the day with, from this British singer, + album, this song will have you and your partner falling in love all over again.
3. Daniel Caesar and Her- Best part:
Whether your lover is far away or is close by, this is the song everyone in love should send to their partners to express how they feel about them. Also coming off the singer’s Freudian album, this song guarantees to make your partner fall in love with you more.
4. Sia- Helium:

Looking for a way to express how much effect your partner has on you? this is the song for you, Sia helps express those emotions on this track and it’s definitely going to make your partner cry.
5. Alicia Keys- If I Aint Got You:
This powerful rendition by Alicia keys is everything you need the seal the deal with your partner this season. If they were doubting your love before, this song is definitely going to put them back into perspective.
6. Daniel Caesar- Get you:
After a beautiful day of making your partner feel special, you go into the other room and with this song playing in the background then you both proceed to celebrate your love.




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