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Hair Tips: 3 Reasons Why You Should Do A Scalp Scrub

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You take care of your hair, and you take care of your skin. But have you put much thought into caring for the skin that is underneath your hair? If you haven’t, you probably haven’t used or even heard of a scalp scrub.scalp scrub for hair
You’ve probably been washing and conditioning your hair for as long as you remember. After a certain time, it’s second nature to just reach for the shampoo bottle as soon as you hop into the shower. But hair health and scalp health are very different — and it’s important to not skip out on taking care of your scalp. That’s exactly where scalp scrubs come into play. So here are 3 amazing reasons why you do a scalp scrub from time to time;
Exfoliates The Skin
Getting rid of dead skin cells happens naturally, but sometimes our skin could use a little help. Exfoliating your skin removes the old skin cells and reveals the new ones. This is believed to help circulation and keep your skin smoother, softer, and younger-looking. All of this still holds true for the skin on your head where your hair grows. You don’t need to be aggressive or exfoliate too often, but an occasional scrub can help your scalp stay healthy.
Removes What Shampoo Can’t
Scalp scrubs do what washing your hair with a shampoo can’t. This means dead skin flakes and excess oil, but it also means any product that has built up on your skin or around your hair. This leaves your hair and skin even cleaner than before.
Longer, Stronger Hair
Having a clean scalp means that there isn’t anything blocking the hair follicles, so your hair can grow stronger and longer. It won’t have to fight for space and moisture that was previously wasted on dead cells. Plus removing all of the extra stuff will leave your hair looking shinier and more vibrant.
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