Say What?! Kim Kardashian Says Husband Kanye West Gave Her $1 Million To Turn Down An Instagram Ad

Reality starKim Kardashian says that her husband Kanye West gave her $1 million to pass on an Instagram ad for an apparel line that was similar to his Yeezy line.

Kardashian says that she was approached by a brand to host a sponsored ad on her Instagram page – which boasts more than 153 million followers – but turned the placement down because West said that he’d give her $1 million plus a share of his company.

West reportedly told Kardashian that he didn’t want her to host the ad because the clothing line mimicked his own brand, Yeezy.

“This fast fashion brand offered me $1 million for an Instagram post and I thought, ‘OK, well, that’s easy just to wear clothes that I can pick anything I wanted, a quick post,'” she said, “and when I told [West] about it, he asked me not to do it, and said, you know, out of respect, I don’t think we should be giving them everything; they copy everything, it’s … I completely understood why he said it.”

“I gladly said no,” she revealed. “For Mother’s Day, he handed me an envelope, and it was a check for $1 million dollars and said ‘Thank you for not posting,’ and then … a contract to be an owner in Yeezy.”

Kardashian is worth an estimated $350 million, and earns at least 25 percent of her income through sponsored Instagram posts. Kardashian is the highest-earning social media influencer, and averages about $1.27 million for a sponsored post.

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