Savaged! Meghan Markle’s Goal Was Always To Become A Household Name

Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle is now famous  the world over after marrying into the British Royal family. But a Hollywood source has claimed that Meghan Markle was always been driven by her ambitions of stardom long before she married Prince Harry.Speaking to Vanity Fair about the Duchess’ life before the Royals, the source insisted that “Meghan’s goal was always becoming a household name.” The publication also reports that Meghan threw a “Sayonara Zara” party after being cast in Suits to “get rid of her cheap clothes” as the Duchess was aware her “star was rising.” The television insider added: “She’s insanely smart and poised, but very, very guarded. She’s not a person you can actually be friends with.”Criticising Meghan’s social circle, the source concluded: “She’s the type of person who is best friends with her stylist.” Referring to Meghan’s best friend Jessica Mulroney, the Toronto-based stylist has helped the Duchess of Sussex overhaul her wardrobe since marrying into the Royal Family. Along with her three children, Jessica was even included in Meghan’s wedding party in May 2018. The 38-year-old stylist also flew out with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their recent tour of Australia to assist Meghan with her “three daily outfit changes”. The pair are thought to have met when Meghan first moved from LA to Toronto in 2011 to start filming Suits.ghan royal wPhoto Credit: Getty

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