Saturday Swag: Kenneth Okolie, Manly, Sweet Boy And Cute

Any most handsome list of the Nigerian Nollywood industry without the tall, dark, handsome and cute Kenneth Okolie is not a list! As a matter of fact, our swag inspiration for this Saturday must be in the top 10 of the list, if not, trash the list guys!
Born Kenneth Obinna Okolie, the Anambra indigene is an actor and model with all shades of cuteness and all spec a sweet boy. No wonder he was crowned Mr Nigeria in 2010. Kenneth Okolie had not even planned being a model but his physique could not help but get things his
way.Saturday Swag: Kenneth Okolie, Manly, Sweet Boy And Cute In All The Right Places
Kenneth, had in 2006 merely escorted a friend to an audition for models and never intended to participate in the process but was compelled to audition by the organisers. Just imagine that, and four years after, he was the President of the Nigerian sweet boys! Not just that, our swag inspiration proceeded to the Mister World pageant and emerged as the second runner – what? yes, you read right. Of course to be the 2nd runner up in the whole of the world is not a joke!
Moving on and forward, Kenneth, the first child of parents with three siblings and a B.Sc. degree holder from Valley View University, Ghana made his debut entry into the Nigerian movie industry in 2011, though, he’s been acting since Secondary School at St Judes’ Private Secondary School.Saturday Swag: Kenneth Okolie, Manly, Sweet Boy And Cute In All The Right Places
In an interview dating back to 2014, Kenneth Okolie revealed he hadn’t quite planned to be in the industry till 2010, after the modeling contest. He added that he loves acting, and it is a passion.
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Going off the body build and manliness, Kenneth Okolie has a charming smile oooo, chei, and cute expressions! Both on set and away, Kenneth will get any lady falling head over heels for him just at a sight or even peek of him.
His unique personality, body and professionalism have put together won him the City People Movie Award for Best Supporting Actor of the Year (English), TIFF Best Actor in Drama and some more. What more do you need to know about our swag inspo? Despite being a face on cam, he is shy, a good chef, can sew, the director, Ausken Furniture and a church worker. He is also married to Jessica and yo, they have a cute son together, before you start crushing and over-drooling. See you, next Saturday!
Saturday Swag: Kenneth Okolie, Manly, Sweet Boy And Cute In All The Right Places
Kenneth Okolie
Photos Credit: Instagram

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