Samuel Eto’o Threaten To Sue A Website After Their April Fool Story Claimed He Was Contesting For The Office Of The President

It's A Fact, I'm The Best African Player Ever - Samuel Eto'o
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A popular Cameroon news website, Jeune Afrique Magazine (Young Africa Magazine), found themselves on the wrong end of a bad joke this morning after former Chelsea striker, Samuel Eto’o threatened them for defamation after they published a pseudo-interview, where he(Eto’o) declared his intention of running for the office of the President in the forth-coming Cameroon presidential election.
The website, which intended to publish the story as an April Fool’s joke, found themselves at the centre of international attention after some foreign websites carried the false interview. An obviously unhappy Samuel Eto’o, who didn’t find the joke funny, immediately responded via social media, where announced the the invalidity of the story.
Eto’o swiftly took to Facebook to threaten the website with a lawsuit if the story was not removed. See his full post below:
As a Cameroonian, I am deeply respectful of the institutions of my country and those who embody them. I, therefore, believe that the 2018 presidential election in Cameroon and the exercise of the supreme office are very important and cannot be discussed lightly.
More seriously, the authors of this farce mocked the Anglophone crisis — a situation that causes desolation and mourning in my country. I think that the words attributed to my modest self under the guise of a supposed farce are absolutely reductive and denote a total lack of respect
Jeune Afrique Magazine’s website quickly announced that the story was fake, while apologizing to the award-winning footballer.
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