Sahara Reporters Boss, Omoyele Sowore, Exchange Words With The Minister Of Communication


2019 Presidential aspirant, Omoyele Sowore, had an intense political exchange of words with the Federal Minister of Communications, Barrister Adebayo Shittu, during a radio presentation in Ibadan on Saturday.
Sowore and Barrister Shittu met at Fresh FM, an Ibadan based radio station, as guests of a public affairs programme called Political Circuit.
Things probably got off on the wrong foot as Sowore greeted Shittu and referred to the serving minister as a member of the outgoing government.
He said “Minister, it is great to see you. This is the minister of an outgoing regime; the Buhari regime will be kicked off power by 2019.”
Barrister Shittu swiftly replied Sowore by calling him a day dreamer. He replied by saying: “You are a dreamer. By your wish or by God’s wish? You are just dreaming. You are a day dreamer.”
Barrister Shittu further doused Sowore by saying: “You are inconsequential. That’s rubbish. I have been in politics since you were born. For forty years, I have been in politics and I was already a lawyer before I joined politics forty years ago. You can’t be here and talk rubbish. This is rubbish! You want to become president? You are a day dreamer. Who will make you president? You will be president of your Ife… not Nigeria. Go and be president in Ife. You think it is cheap as that? We will see.”
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