SA Government Charge Man For Attempted Murder For Having COVID-19 And Refusing To Isolate

South African Police have charged 2 men with attempted murder for allegedly ignore quarantine orders after testing positive to the deadly Coronavirus, and they’re still going out dangering the lives of others. Coronavirus

Police Minister Bheki Cele announced the charges levied against the men during a press briefing detailing the enforcement of an incoming lockdown meant to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.

“If you break these laws of regulations you are six months in, or fined, or both,” said Cele.
“Two people have been charged already… who deliberately moved around after they were told” not to, he warned.
“So it’s not a fairytale to say the law will act and act very harsh on you.”Coronavirus

The first case is a 52-year old salon owner who was diagnosed with the disease on March 18 and was instructed to stay in Quarantine for the next 14 days but he has disobeyed the order and continued mix in public places and go to his business place.

Police spokesperson Vish Naidoo said local officials raised the alert on Tuesday after the man was seen around the western city of Ladysmith, in KwaZulu-Natal province.

“(He) allegedly continued with his business… and in doing so disregarded the instructions by a doctor,” Naidoo said, adding that the man had since been arrested and taken to hospital.

The second person charged is a male tourist who tested positive for the COVID-19, during his holiday vacation at Kruger National Park. Naidoo said the man ignored instructions to remain in his hotel and went to the nearby town of Saint Lucia, where he interacted “with an unknown number of people”.

South Africa has recorded the highest number of coronavirus infections on the continent, with 709 cases confirmed so far. President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a 21-day lockdown after the number of infections multiplied six-fold in just eight days. Only “essential” trips to grocery stores, pharmacies and medical appointments will be permitted during the lockdown, which will be enforced by army troops.

“The simplest and best way to combat the spread of the coronavirus is STAY HOME,” the police said in a statement on Wednesday. “It is exactly that stubborn behaviour that has caused us a national lockdown.” Photo Credit: Getty

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