Wednesday, June 7, 2023

“S3x Before Marriage Is Abnormal” – Solomon Buchi

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Twitter influencer and relationship coach, Solomon Buchi has explained why dating without sex, is not as difficult as people presume it to be.

solomon buchi

Solomon  Buchi who recently got married to the love of his life said sex before marriage was human depravity, abnormal, and lacking fun.

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According to Solomon Buchi,  sex before marriage helps clear the mind and prevent memory fogged by orgasm. Going further, he maintained that in a relationship without sex, breakups are easier to deal walk away without hard feelings.  Also, the celebrity hinted that keeping one’s body holy before matrimony is a service of honour to God.

“You can date without s3x. You should do it. Your head will be clear; your mind won’t be fogged by orgasms. It will be easier to walk away, and most importantly, you honor your body unto the Lord.

“S3x before marriage is not normal. It’s not fun. It’s human depravity.”

Explaining further the ills of sex before marriage, the self-styled ‘Christian apologist’ recommended that people learned how to actually experience intimacy with their partners void of sex as they’ll be needed for the journey ahead (marriage).

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Solomon Buchi expressed concern for unmarried individuals who seize every opportunity to have coitus (like a dog), wondering how they’ll cope during seasons of minimal or no sexual activities when eventually married.

“If you do not learn how to experience intimacy without intimacy before marriage, you’ll struggle in marriage.

“Marriage comes with some seasons of minimal or no sex. How would you cope?

“Marriage is wayyyy bigger than sex. If all you do is mate like a dog before marriage, I’m bothered…”

solomon buchi

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