Wednesday, July 6, 2022

For Our Growth, There Is The Need For A Ministry Of Entertainment – Osita Iheme

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Nollywood award-winning actor, Osita Iheme has said that for the inevitable growth of the creative industry, there is the need for the establishment of a ministry of entertainment.

Osita IhemeAccording to the Aki and Pawpaw actor, the importance of such a ministry cannot be understated, as it would serve as a link between the creative industry and the government, and would help mitigate some of the challenges being faced by the industry currently.

During an interview, Osita Iheme said, “We need a ministry of entertainment where we can say if you have any problem go there and report, where the entertainment industry will be having budget every year just like education, security, agriculture.

“We need a budget for entertainment, we need a budget for the creative industry whereby the creative industry will be able to have their own budget every year that they can use to do whatever they want to do.

“We need them (Federal Government) to come and create that infrastructure for us because they keep bringing money but at the end of the day, some people in the industry can’t even access the money.

“Bank will say bring this and that collateral, at the end of the day the main players of the industry can’t even access the money which they provide for the industry.

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Speaking further, Osita Iheme said, “Also a lot of people who are not even in the industry will just come up and register an entertainment business, go and pick the money or they have one way or the other to access this money or the structures.

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“People in the entertainment are suffering putting their money, a lot of people don’t have these structures to access this big loans, when you create these loans you have to create a platform where people can be able to access it, understanding the sector which you are providing the money for, understanding the people in that business, you don’t just keep the loan as normal loan’s whereby you would be requiring for some collateral you know that these people cannot provide and you want them to access the loan.

“So sometimes if they are providing all this money they should make sure the players are able to access it or even they can forget the money and use the money to build infrastructures inside the business so that technically we will be sound, financially we will be okay,” Osita Iheme said.Photo Credit: Instagram

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