Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Russian President, Vladimir Putin Has Declared A Two-Day Mourning In Kemerovo After 41 Children Died In The Fire Outbreak

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The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin has blamed Sunday’s tragic shopping mall fire that killed over 60 people in Kemerovo on criminal negligence on the part of the authorities in charge of the mall as he visited the city today.
The quite emotional Russian President condoled with the residents today as he joined them in their two day mourning. He said: “What is happening here? These are not armed hostilities. This is not an unexpected release of methane. People, children came to relax…We are talking about demographics but are losing so many people. Because of what? Because of some criminal negligence, slovenliness…The first feelings when they speak about the number of victims and the number of dead children…one feels like wailing — not crying.”
The fire outbreak killed 41 children and 23 adults.
Photo Credit: Getty

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