Runtown Refutes Claims Of Selling Chart Topping Song “Aye” To Davido

If there’s any Nigerian singer that’s been severally accused of buying most of their hit songs then it’s mega star, Davido. We still don’t know why that is an issue considering the fact that thousands of other artistes, both local and foreign do not write their songs themselves.Due to the success of his hit single “Aye”, there have also been many speculations that he bought the song from fast rising singer, Runtown with people claiming that huge similarity are between Aye and Runtown’s smash hit Gallardo, which also features Davido. However, Davido has denied buying the Aye song and repeatedly said he writes all his songs.Meanwhile Runtown has also vehemently refuted the claims in a recent chat with Punch saying, “I don’t sell songs; I just write for myself. I don’t know about the claim by some people that I sold the song, Aye, to Davido. It’s absolutely not true. Even Davido would tell you that he did not buy the song from me. Besides, if he bought Aye from me, what about his other songs; did I sell those ones to him too?”Photo Credit: Getty

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