Running Out Of Options? See The Five Unique Things To Do With Your Girl On Valentine’s Day

She doesn’t want to go see a movie, she doesn’t want flowers, and she sure as hell doesn’t want to go clubbing, she wants something different and you are running out of options. You can’t stop wondering why girls are so hung up on valentines day being special. We know it can be frustrating, your last year’s gift didn’t draw out the big smile and tight hug you wanted, what else can you do? The first thing to understand is that you probably have not dug deep enough, you might have not explored your romantic side. Most of the time people do or give gifts that they felt is nice not one the receiver probably want. Women are hint givers, that’s if you don’t have an open one on your hand. So, truth be told, you probably already know what she wants but feels those would not properly express your feelings. So, best believe anything you give her would definitely pale in comparison. However, you can continue with this article if your woman is not particular about valentine’s day and you want to do something special for her. That said, here are the five unique and sweets things to do for your lady on that special day. 

  • Go someplace new: Going to an art gallery or a place you have both been planning to visit for a while is not just a good valentine’s day gift, it would also help the both of you have sweet shared memories in the future. Places with a lot of cool stuff that you both are passionate about would surely do the trick.
  • Recreate your first date: Now, this might seem a bit tacky or even tasking as some memories might have been forgotten. Nothing, however, would delight your woman more than having to relive your beautiful and memorable first date. The perfect timing, the meal she never stopped talking about, your adorable doting on that day…all of it! 
  • Cook dinner together: There’s something sexy about a man who cooks, okay, we know some men’s cooking is terrible, but just looking at you in the kitchen with an apron trying to fix up something is adorable. Cooking together lets you all bond, besides a whole lot of “great” things happens in a couple’s kitchen.
  • Have surprise gifts and a self-written love letter read out to her at her workplace: A fan of PDA, or maybe you aren’t, maybe your girl is. Having surprise gifts with her favourite songs being sung out loud after which someone or probably you read out a self-written and very true love letter about all the things you love and the cute things you wish she would stop doing. Trust me, this caps it all, there’s no way she’s recovering from the sweet mushiness. 
  • Get a pamper us-time together: Rather than a pamper time for her, or yourself, a couple spa time after which you both go shopping for nice stuff together is also very unique. What is more unique is when it is a total surprise to her. You pick her up from her workplace or home without telling her where you are headed and you go straight to his and hers saloon to have your hairs fixed, then a spa for couple massage, and a favourite restaurant for good meal, and other stuff. That sure is one unique and romantic way to enjoy the sweet ol V-day!  Photo Credit: Getty


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