Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Run For Your Life From Abusive Marriages – Benita Onyiuke

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Nollywood actress and producer Benita Onyiuke says she is blessed to have a great husband who supports her all the way, and has sent out words to women in abusive marriages to run for their lives as fast as their legs can carry them.

Benita Onyiuke, in a recent interview with The Sun, expressed her gratitude to God that her passion which is acting has not for one time conflicted with her marriage. According to her, she hads been acting since she was a kid and had never had another choice than know that she was meant to be an actress.“I’m blessed I have a husband who supports me all the way. Acting is the one thing I love to do so much and I thank God it hasn’t conflicted with my marriage. I have been acting since I was a kid, from nursery school dramas to date. I grew up having so much passion for playing roles, So, I have never had another choice aside from knowing all my life that I was meant to be an actress”, she said in the recent interview.

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Sending out some words to women who are not lucky as she is and find themselves in an abusive relationships, Benita Onyiuke said such violent relationships end lives or may even leave the abused disfigured. “Run for your life. Violent relationships end life or may leave you disfigured. I think every marriage has its challenges. But being rooted in God and being with someone who understands and makes you happy is the real deal”, she added.Run For Your Life From Abusive Marriages - Benita Onyiuke

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Run For Your Life From Abusive Marriages - Benita Onyiuke
Actress Benita Onyiuke
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