Friday, May 27, 2022

Royal Wedding: I Hate Meghan Markle’s Dress, It Is Like An Okrika Dress – Popular Nigerian Media Girl Slams The Dress

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Latasha Lagos is making the world know she is not scared to say how she feels. The media girl took to IG to share her thoughts on the Givenchy dress Meghan Markle donned for her big day. According to Latasha, she hated Kate’s dress but hers is way better than Meghan’s. ”I HATE to say it cos I hated Kate’s dress then but she makes Meghan’s dress look like okrika wake up. This is #Metgala vs House fellowship. #Isaidwhatisaid comman beat me ?. As my friend Mfon said… what she lost in the dress she gained in a fiery sermon, minister??(see my previous post) AND SHE MARRIED A DAMN PRINCE!!! Her tiara and veil were pure fire tho!!!! Fashion lovers over to you! #royalwedding#Teamwedidntlikethedress P.s.Anybody DMing me to insult me over my thoughts on this dress…lolI I laugh in mandarin. I don’t follow the crowd with my opinions. Megan did look beautiful because she is in love and she is indeed a pretty girl and we’re ecstatic for her but PLEASE NOTE ITS POSSIBLE TO STILL BE BEAUTIFUL IN A DULL DRESS. Not everyone can pull it off so beware!??  Photo Credit: Latasha Lagos

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