Royal Rumble! Camilla ‘Didn’t Want Prince William To Marry Pretty But Dim Kate Middleton’

Prince William and Kate Middleton were nearly “broken up by Camilla”, claims an author. Camilla Parker-Bowles is said to have wanted Prince Charles’ eldest son to break up with “pretty but dim” Kate, partly because of her “lowly” roots.The shocking claims were made by author Christopher Andersen in Game of Crowns: Elizabeth, Camilla, Kate, and the Throne. Andersen is the author of 34 books, many of them bestsellers, and a former contributing editor at Time magazine. He is mostly known for his biography work, with his story of the life of murdered American President John F Kennedy described by the New York Times as “the most worth reading” of the many Kennedy biographies. He claimed that Camilla wasn’t the biggest fan of Prince William’s university girlfriend, and the two women had a rocky relationship. She was said to have disapproved of Kate’s non-royal background, which made her “too lowly” to marry into the family.Although the pair appear to get on well at events now, Camilla is also said to have thought Kate to be “pretty, but rather dim”. The alleged rift grew so big that Camilla is said to have asked Prince Charles to convince his son to end things with the brunette beauty. The author also alleges that Camilla was jealous of Kate’s growing popularity and feared the pair could eclipse her and Charles as a couple. An excerpt from the book says: “Camilla, the quintessential Black Queen, hid in the shadows for decades, condemned as a scheming adulteress, denounced by the reigning monarch as “that wicked, wicked woman,” and blamed for the death of her rival, one of the most beloved and admired figures in the world.“Biding her time and tending carefully to her image, she gradually salvaged enough of her reputation to secure a place at her prince’s side – and her future as the next queen. Young, gracious, smart, and stunning, the White Queen, known familiarly as just plain Kate, captured the world’s imagination even before she could officially lay claim to her royal lover’s heart. Although she lacked both the pedigree and the experience of the Black Queen, she also proved to be inordinately patient – and a cunning survivor of royal dramas and court intrigue. By marrying her Prince Charming and bearing two heirs, the White Queen cast the fate of the monarchy far into the future – perhaps as far as the next century. Beneath the surface, tensions mounted as the two queens-in-waiting protected the interests of their kings – the lackluster, benighted Prince of Wales and his wildly popular son – and their competing courts vied for the love of the people and the power that comes with it.” Whatever happened in the past, the Camilla and Kate seem to get along well now and often attend public events together.Photo Credit: Getty


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