Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Royal Baby Archie Could Become US President – Astrologer

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Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s son will be ‘steady, fun, caring… he’ll be a big player’, according to an astrologer.

Royal baby Archie’s astrological chart pulses with the wow factor. He is a show-stopper, a shining star in the royal firmament and very much a child with a special destiny. People are already talking about the possibility of him running for US President when he is older – and the stars say he could handle a role of that magnitude very easily.

Archie is a Taurus just like the Queen, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Taureans are known for steadiness. Sharing a zodiac sign indicates compatibility so expect camaraderie among the royal cousins. I can see them all together somewhere like Botswana on a conservation trip. Archie has Jupiter in Sagittarius, Diana’s rising sign, so he and his grandmother would have loved laughing together.

Prince Harry is a Virgo – an earth sign like his son – and has the moon in Taurus so they are really going to gel. They have such a playful connection in their charts that it’s likely to be non-stop fun and games between them.

At 18, Archie will have the rebel planet Uranus on the family angle of his chart. It is very possible he will leave home at this stage and go through a wild child phase like his dad Prince Harry. After a year he will become steadier.

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Archie is a double Taurean – a sun in Taurus with Taurus rising as he was born at 5.26am during sunrise. This means he will be very high-impact. As he grows he will handle public life very well. Like his mother Meghan, who also has a prominently placed sun, he will naturally become centre stage and use his presence for the greater good.

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He will be unafraid to express his heartfelt opinions so people will be able to relate to him very easily. But he is also likely to be at odds with the establishment. Taurus is a sign very much connected to nature. Even if he is hitching his star to a presidential role, he is also likely to be a conservationist.

Calm by nature, Taureans will rarely show anger. Archie will be a placid baby, fitting into a routine quite easily.

As for Meghan, we are going to see a softer side emerge with motherhood. She has Cancer rising, the sign of caring, maternal energy. Next year it is very likely the Sussex family will be upping sticks to another country for a period of time. Even though Taureans prefer continuity and stability, Archie will take it in his stride. If the family moves to Africa it is likely to make a very strong impression on him – a precursor to his future role in life. It should be a very happy year.

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Age two and three there are big changes in store – maybe a new arrival in the family. Archie may kick up a fuss as it’s a change that he will take a while to get used to. This child is going to be a big player in the world as he becomes the magnificently powerful Taurean he is destined to be.

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