Ex- Beauty Queens, Ronke Tiamiyu And Dabota Lawson Fight Dirty On Social Media

Ex-beauty queens Dabota Lawson and Ronke Tiamiyu have taken to social media to drag each other mercilessly over a fashion trend. The drama started when the beauty entrepreneur posted a snap of herself clothed in a winter jacket and high boots looking like a snack.

Ronke reacted to the picture sharing that Lagos is a freaking hot city but people would do anything for the gram. Dabota fired back sharing that she used it for a photoshoot but people are bothered about her. She shared that as a fashion shoot she is allowed to do whatever, however, to bring your image to life but many live in the stone age and cannot understand.

Ronke fired back at saying Dabota was deceiving herself as Lagos is a very hot place and people should dress according to their location. The fashion influencer said she didn’t call names but someone feels attacked.
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