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Rob Kardashian: Blac Chyna ‘Snorted Cocaine’ And Tried To Strangling Me With iPhone Cord

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Rob Kardashian has shared shocking new details of his alleged assault by former girlfriend Blac Chyna.

In 2016, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star accused the American model and entrepreneur, 31, of brutal assault and is in the process of suing the mother of his child for $767,852 in damages.

Rob’s case is based around Blac Chyna’s constant violent tendencies which left the reality TV star fearing for his life on more than one occassion.

In distressing new information, the 33-year-old has claimed that his ex-girlfriend snorted cocaine before she attempted to beat him with a six-foot long metal pole.

As well as this, Kim Kardashian’s younger brother has insisted that Blac Chyna tied an iPhone cord around his neck with the intention of strangling him.

A new statement in Rob’s declaration claims that the mother-of-two intentionally set out to inflict pain on him after indulging in an excessive amount of drugs and alcohol.

The statement reads: “Based on Chyna’s conduct that night and with full knowledge of her hair-trigger temper, substance abuse, and violent tendencies, Rob believed that Chyna intended to inflict severe injury on him and feared for his life.”

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The reality TV favourite accused Chyna of being highly intoxicated after drinking champagne and snorting copious amounts of cocaine at the time of the assault. According to him, Chyna became “increasingly erratic, aggressive and violent in behavior as she became more and more intoxicated”.

Even more shockingly, the new claims add that Chyna tried to choke her then-boyfriend with an iPhone cord. On the evening of December 14, 2016, while still under the influence of drugs and alcohol, Chyna is reported to have creeped up behind Rob and wrapped an iPhone charger cable tightly around his neck.

The statement cites that the star began to strangle the father of her child by using her full strength.

It says: “As Chyna choked Rob with the charger wrapped tightly around his neck, Rob managed to pull the cable off of his neck and fled to the master bedroom, where he locked the door and tried to avoid any further interactions with Chyna.”

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The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star claims that Chyna didn’t stop there and when Rob locked himself in the room, she reportedly attempted to break down the door with a “six-foot metal pole”.

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“Fearing for his life”, Rob called for help and it was his Kris Jenner’s boyfriend Corey Gamble who came to the rescue.

The new documents state that Corey intervened and tried to stop the fight, but Chyna persisted, brutally beating her boyfriend around the head and face.

Corey’s proceedings of the night match Rob’s new claims as he admits that he “pulled Chyna off Rob and tried to separate the two, though Chyna continued to beat Rob around the head, face, and back.”

Kris Jenner’s other half explained: “I tried to separate Chyna and Rob so that I could help Rob leave the house and get away from Chyna. Chyna did not stop attacking Rob even though I did my best to intervene.

“While I helped Rob walk out of the house, Chyna continued to lunge at him and punched him numerous times in the head and face, as well as his back. Rob did not fight back and simply tried to shield himself from Chyna’s physical attack on him.”

In her defense, the reality TV siren claimed that on the night, she was joking with Rob and had no intention of hurting the father of her child, Dream, three. Chyna claims that she was simply being her “very outgoing, colorful, and joking self with Rob”.

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The troubled couple are also currently engaged in a complicated custody war and are both fighting over their daughter.

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