Monday, January 30, 2023

Rita Dominic’s Statement Was Just To Make The Industry Better – Ayo Makun

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 Following Rita Dominic’s statement about producers not needing to take every movie made to the cinema, many celebrities are still reacting to it with the latest being comic Ayo Makun. Speaking with LIB, Ay, as he is fondly called, said Rita made her point as the statement was just to make the industry better. Rita Dominic actually made her point. I had a chat with her on other issues barely 24 hours before her post. I guess it was just a general statement to better the industry. I am only a baby producer in the industry with 3 movies that made it to the cinemas with good box office records/Guinness world records. Judging from where we are coming from, I’m impressed with the growth of Nollywood. Not stopping there, the funny man and producer said; ‘Unlike Hollywood, with little or no budget we make cautious effort to tell our stories. I am also open to any positive criticism that we help me improve in these line of business. If anyone describes my work as  hype, i will let the person understand that the hype man’s job is to get everybody out of their seats and on the dance floor to have a good time. But you have a right stop dancing when you are not feeling the music. In other words hype without hardwork would only last for a short time. I won’t be hyping The Yoruba Demons without content. I don’t care about what other producers are taking to the cinemas’.‘The Cinema owners have their criteria and standards for screening any movie they show to the public. All i do is stay in my lane and do what i am supposed to do. Anyone have the right to say Timi Dakolo is a better singer than Davido, but they are both appreciated seperately in the showbiz world based on their different markets. So the seriousness and technicalities you expect from the movie 76 by Izu Ojukwu, should be different from an Ay’ 30 Days in Atlanta that is designed to make you laugh’ he said.  Photo Credit: Getty

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