Monday, January 30, 2023

Revealed! Stress Is Damaging Many People’s Sex Lives

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The stress of modern living is taking a toll on people’s sex lives, a psychosexual therapist has said. An online survey questioned 2,066 adults about their attitudes to sex and relationships.Stress was rated as a problem in the bedroom by more people than any other factor (45%). Therapist Ellen Brady said: “We’re seeing an awful lot of clients with anxiety issues – anxiety and sex just doesn’t sit together at all.” Other factors highlighted by respondents as having a negative impact on sex included physical health problems, mental health issues, and having children. Only 10% of respondents highlighted social media as a problem.However, Ms Brady said it probably had a bigger impact than most realised. “There’s not the basic connection happening in couples, they’re not even making eye contact or talking to each other, so it’s no wonder when they get to bed that sex is difficult.” Overall, half of those questioned said they were satisfied with their sex lives (50% of men and 53% of women). However, 38% of men and a quarter of women said they were not satisfied with their sex lives. The survey suggested 58% of people are generally confident about their sexual performance.Photo Credit: Getty

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