Retirement Or What? Usain Bolt Set To Establish New Career In Food Industry

There’s no doubt that Olympic Champion, Usain Bolt is moving on to tastier heights after he called time on his athletic career, as new reports claims that the sports legend is set to launch fifteen ‘Usain Bolt Track & Records’ restaurants in the United Kingdom over the next five years.The Jamaican inspired eatery was first opened in Kingston, Jamaica in 2011. The fast food chain will serve traditional Jamaica dishes like janga soup, jerk pork, pan chicken, rice and peas, and meat and fish crock pots
as well as creations by the legendary runner such as ‘Burgers a la Usain‘.‘London has always been a special place for me (and this) is giving us the opportunity to share our vision and our culture with you all,’ Bolt says.Photo Credit: Getty

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