Reps To Spend N6.1 Billion On Procurement Of Cars For Members

The Nigerian House of Representatives is spending N6.1 billion on the procurement of 360 units of Peugeot 508 for its members. At a unit price of about N17 million, the leadership of the House said no members would get more than a car, including the principal officers. It debunked allegation of favouritism in the distribution of about 200 units that were supplied so far, saying members would take possession of their vehicles by the end of the year. According to its leadership, favouritism was not employed in the distribution of the already procured vehicles.
Speaking with reporters at the weekend, House spokesman Abdulrazaq Namdas explained that graduated supply of the vehicles was due to the financial challenges facing the House leadership. “About 200 vehicles have been supplied so far and members would take possession of theirs by the end of the year”, he said. On why the House had to procure the cars for its members, Namdas pleaded for the understanding of Nigerians, saying there was a level that Nigerians would not want their lawmakers to descend to. According to him, Nigerians would want their representatives to be deserving of their status.
Photo Credit: Getty

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