KOKO Docuseries: Watch Out For Herbalist Who Reveals How To Evade The Repercussion Attached To Doing Money Ritual

money ritual
The second episode of KOKO Docuseries on money ritual sheds light on how to evade the repercussion that comes with doing money ritual.money ritual

In an exclusive interview with KOKO TV, herbalist Jinadu Kekereawo revealed that yes it is possible to evade the consequences and calamities that come with being a ritualist. This is the second episode of the mini-series on money ritual
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There has been a growing trend in the rate at which people indulge in money rituals to the point that it has raised a lot of eyebrows in society. Many have called for youths most especially to stop this as it seems to be targeted at ladies.
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In this episode, the truth is unveiled as the herbalist gives an inside knowledge of what to expect and steps to take when it comes to this act. The interview premieres today at 9am on YouTube @KOKO TV Nigeria. Watch the interview here;money ritual

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