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Relationship: The SEVEN Cardinal Rules Of Post-Coital Hygiene

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Fact: Healthy habits that are necessary after sex if you want a good sex life!
Sex is an intimate act and involves a lot of energy and body fluids and we are not just talking about sweats! When you’re in the middle of the act, being proactive about your hygiene is probably the last thing on your mind. And when you climb off each other, you are (hopefully) tired and this will likely make you forget about post-sex hygiene. But research has shown that hygiene after sex has a direct correlation to the satisfaction you get from your sex life. And also not forgetting that little important fact that it prevents vaginal and urinary tract infections. In the world of post-coital hygiene, there are 7 commandments that we wouldn’t advise you to break.
Rule 1: Thou Must Pee After Sex
Always pee right after sex. Any sort of vigorous sexual contact can push bacteria up into your urethra. If you pee right afterwards, you’ll flush everything out and prevent yourself from getting an infection. Even when you don’t feel like going to the bathroom, try to do it. You want your body to flush any bacteria out to prevent any infections from potentially happening.
Rule 2: Thou Must Clean And Properly Store Thy Sex Toys
If you want to try something new in the bedroom, using sex toys are the way to go. They can spice things up and revamp your sex life. However, you want to make sure that you’re taking care of them, so they don’t infect your body. Don’t share toys, wash them thoroughly and with the proper products, and store them in a protective bag or case.Rule 3: Thou Must Wash Thy intimate Area Gently But From The Outside Only
Your vagina is perfectly able to clean itself. In fact, that’s what vaginal discharge is all about. Make sure to use an adapted intimate wash to prevent infections, mycoses and preserve your vagina’s fragile bacterial flora, which helps avoid bad intimate odor. Also put on clean underwear and don’t forget to use a panty liner to avoid the discomfort of post-intercourse vaginal discharge.
Rule 4: Thou Must Listen To Your Body
Pay attention to the signs that something is off. Abnormal bleeding, odor, itching and pain may all indicate an infection such as vaginitis, or even a sexually transmitted disease. Never hesitate to consult your gynecologist when things feel wrong.Rule 5: Thou Must Visit A Gynaecologist Regularly
It is a good idea for all women when they reach puberty to visit the gynecologist for general information on vaginal health. Once you are sexually active or 21 or older, you should be heading in for a pap smear every two or three years to check for infections, abnormalities and cervical cancer. No, it’s not the most pleasant appointment on the calendar, but in reality it’s relatively quick and painless.
Rule 6: Thou Must Do The Vaginal Workout
They do exist! You’ve probably heard of Kegels, but you might not be practicing it. You are doing yourself no favours. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles is essential to a lifetime of intimate health, not to mention the perks of more exhilarating sex and better bladder control.
Rule 7: Thou Must Be Concerned About Thy Partner’s Hygiene
This rule is actually pre-coital but it is so important, it is included in post-coital law too. The person you decide to have intercourse with should be concerned about your health by taking care of their own hygiene. That means, they should wear a condom, wash their hands, or at least be knowledgeable about safe sex in general. Men should follow the same hygienic rituals that women follow before and after sex. Cleaning the penis with a non-fragrant soap and warm water helps avoid passing any unwelcomed bacteria into the vagina.Photo Credit: Getty

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