Saturday, April 1, 2023

Mercy Eke Is Not Interested In Any Serious Relationship – Pretty Mike

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Lagos big boy, Pretty Mike has revealed that BBNaija season-four winner, Mercy Eke is not in or interested in any serious relationship right now.
Pretty MikePretty Mike stated that a young friend of his said he is interested in Mercy and he told the guy that he knows Mercy and she is not interested in having any serious relationship. The Lagos socialite further revealed that he didn’t know the guy was talking about Mercy Aigbe and not Mercy Eke.
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Taking to the gram, he narrated the whole story sayingOver the weekend, I’d ran into a younger friend.We got talking,one discussion led to another and he decided to ask me 4 a favor. He was so serious and I tot the reason 4 the hard look might have something to do with money.🧐 Well It turned out to be a matter of the heart or in his case,a matter of the loins 😂. He needed me to play matchmaker between him and someone I know.I like helping people find happiness,so my curiosity grew. I asked who the lady was and my guy said Mercy. In as much as I like helping people find happiness, I don’t subscribe to asunder. I told him I totally understood how he felt, I mean Mercy is a real looker. She definitely has that effect on a lot of guys, he wouldn’t be the first. But the issue is that, she currently isn’t looking 4 a serious relationship and I had no intention to tamper with that.

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He kept on gushing about how he wants to meet her and how he was up to par if money got involved.How he could take care of her and all that.. Innocent me kept thinking it was fan love and I mentioned that she comes to Cubana sometimes. He being a regular at the club was shocked because,he couldn’t understand how he’d missed her all these time.He expressed this and as I was about to say “Mercy lambo dey…” My guy screeched “No! Oh not lambo!”. I was taken aback. I come dey ask the guy which Mercy abeg… Lo and behold! 😩 This very young man confidently said Mercy Aigbe. I was dumbstruck . Person mama 🙆🏾‍♂️ not even the pikin but the mama herself…I just dey look my guy as he kept on rambling about how sexy she looked and all that. In my head, I was just wondering were these younger guys dey gather morale from with No atom of fear or respect 🙆🏽‍♂️.“Person mama” just kept reverberating in my head as I watched him talk. It’s obvious that Mercy keeps morphing into an attractive kind of beauty , that can only come with age and healthy living. Heck younger boys might even be her thing…I can’t say for certain because I don’t live in her head but the temerity.. the impetus of this young man to want to act on his thoughts, to actually feel like he has a chance is disconcerting.
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