Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Relationship: Your Kitchen Might Be Holding The Key To Reviving Your Love-Life

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Improving on your relationship with your partner is a daily activity and you should grab every opportunity to do that. Research shows that one place you might not have suspected holds the key to a better understanding, communication and a load of other goodness and no its not the bedroom. Doing an activity with your partner can help you both feel more connected and much happier. And cooking has added bonuses for its health, convenience, and joyful qualities. Here are four top reason you should team up with your partner in the kitchen.
You Get to Spend Time Not Money: A lot of arguments in relationships can stem from personal finances. Not only is cooking at home a cheaper alternative to dining out, but it’s also a way to spend quality time with one another. Sure, it might be quicker to have one person cook and the other clean, but when you cook together you have more time to connect and interact.
You Both Enjoy Each Other’s Presence: When you do active things together such as cooking, you feel connected to your other half, which can help strengthen your bond. Activities like watching TV don’t always feel like quality time since it’s more difficult to be present or have a discussion. Try to set aside one or two days a week where you can alternate teaching each other recipes and going through the process together.
You Learn And Love: Learning each other’s favourite foods and likes in the kitchen is exciting. You can teach your partner different methods and techniques based on your particular skills and expertise. Learning what your partner’s taste preferences are also shows special attention to their needs and will counterbalance feelings of neglect. Just remember to relax in the kitchen and don’t fret over perfecting the dish; this activity is meant to be fun.
You Get Rewarded: Doing something nice like setting time aside to prepare a meal with your partner makes them want to reciprocate the action and do caring things for you. The more energy you put into meeting their needs, the more you will see it circle back. This creates a cycle of good deeds in your relationship and in turn a new you.
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