Thursday, October 28, 2021

Relationship: Five Ways To Enjoy Sex After A Celibacy Phase

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Regardless of the circumstances, sometimes we experience prolonged bouts of abstinence. Whether welcomed or not, abstinence can offer us plenty of positive things. We can appreciate our bodies and become more comfortable with them, acquire strong relationships with our partners, and so on. However, eventually the time comes when you are ready to join the sex train.But abstinence can cause us to feel self-conscious or bashful of our genitals and our abilities. Starting or returning back to your sexual self can be quite intimidating. Questions flood your mind about if the experience will be pleasurable, if any pain will be involved, and if you will (Still) be good at it. So what can you do to make this experience more enjoyable?1. First thing’s first. Make sure that you are truly ready. Everyone’s situation is different. But, some naturally require more time and adjustment. The important thing is to never rush back into sex. Undoubtedly, having sex will pose emotional and mental challenges, as well as the physical. Make certain you are up for the change ahead of time.
2. Take your time. Once you have made up your mind that you are truly ready to have sex again, our next bit of advice is to make certain that you, under no circumstances, rush back into sex. If you have your partner in mind, then ensure that you have thoroughly enjoyed and become comfortable with other sexual gestures before having sex. Petting and stroking one another is a great way to get a sexual feel without the intercourse. Put the time in to wait for intercourse. Foreplay relaxes you and sets the stage for an explosive experience. If you want nothing but the best out of sex, then we recommend you and your partner invest the time.
3. Have confidence in your abilities. It may sound rather devious. But, have confidence in your sexual abilities. If you are entering the sexual world, then chances are that you are ready to have sex with someone in your life. This partner has chosen you for a reason, and you are sexually attractive and capable. Revel in this connection, and do not even second-guess your abilities.
4. Stay protected. Sexually transmitted diseases can occur in anyone at any time. Therefore, it is important to remain protected at all times. Just because you have just started having sex does not mean you should not use a condom. Even if you are past your childbearing years, you should still protect yourself against STDs.
5. See a doctor if necessary. If at any time you feel physically uncomfortable or genital discomfort during sex, then it is imperative for you to consult the help of a physician. Stop immediately if you experience pain in any way, even in the middle of intercourse. Continuing despite pain will only create a snowball effect.Photo Credit: Getty

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