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Relationship: Easy Ways To Handle Arguments With Your Partner

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Arguments are unavoidable in a relationship since both parties have separate personalities and grown up in different backgrounds. Frequent fights and consistent arguments wrecks relationships. Avoiding fights with your spouse makes your relationship with them peaceful and stress free. When fighting with your spouse, you feel unhappy even if you were right and this might be detrimental to your health. There are so many reasons for a fight, especially when you are not understood or you fail to understand your partner.Although it is not totally possible to avoid arguments because of different personalities and interests, you shouldn’t let arguments wreck your relationship.

Arguments become harmful
1. When you do not apologize when wrong.
2. When you think you are always right.
3. When you fight with the intention of causing hurt.
4. When you lengthen your argument for days
5. When you use abusive words
6. When you accuse your spouse
7. When you drag in your spouse’s family and friends into the issue

Indulging in frequent fights and arguments, makes you think you married the wrong person but the real problem is poor management of misunderstandings. Although, mild fights spices up relationships it shouldn’t be over done so it doesn’t intensify.

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Admit When You Are Wrong:Ego is one negative character that destroys relationship. Always be quick to apologize but do not do it hastily so your partner doesn’t sense that you are only apologizing because you are tired of hearing their voices.Apologizing when you’re wrong is one of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent or diffuse an argument.

Respect Your Partners Space And Privacy: Your partner is allowed to have his or her privacy. Do not force out informations from them because this only proves you do not trust them and their judgements. Dr. Orbuch a a psychologist and research professor at the University of Michigan in her research on marriage and found out that “Having enough space or privacy in a relationship is more important for a couple’s happiness than a good sex life.” If you do not make them tensed by your frequent nagging and encroachment, they become happier, which make the relationship peaceful.

Be Willing To Compromise: Just like admitting fault and apologizing, compromising can be a difficult task. Both parties should be willing to sacrifice.Compromising is easier when the situation isn’t trivial. But this sacrifice is worth the effort especially if your spouse means a lot to you.

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Don’t Stockpile: Do not bring up past issues to spite your partner after he/she asks for a favor.Deal with their issue first and if you really have unresolved feelings from past problems talk about them at another time.

Ignore Fights A Smile:If your partner tries to lead you into an argument, don’t go there, politely dismiss the argument without causing more problems. Never engage in arguments especially if it is unnecessary.Some people crave attention even if its negative.While others like to argue because it gives them a temporary feeling of power and gratification.Avoid being sucked into their need for attention.

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