Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Referee Dies Of Internal Bleeding After Being Attacked By Players And Fans Following Red Card

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A referee has died of internal bleeding after being attacked by players and fans for showing a red card.

Jose Arnoldo Amaya, 63, passed away at the weekend following the shocking incident in El Salvador.

The referee was officiating an amateur match at the Toluca Stadium in Miramonte, according to reports.

But scenes turned ugly when Amaya showed a second yellow card to one aggressive player.

The hooligan immediately turned on the official, who had 20 years of experience as a referee.

And it sparked outrageous scenes of violence as Amaya was brutally beaten by the player’s teammates AND their supporters.

Amaya was attacked so viciously that he required immediate treatment at the Zacamil hospital.

And it was there that doctors discovered he was suffering from internal bleeding.

But they were unable to stop Amaya’s wounds from growing worse.

And it was soon announced that he had sadly died.

The Salvadoran Football Federation quickly issued a statement condemning the atrocious acts of violence against Amaya.

And president Hugo Carillo also went on national TV to slam those responsible.

He told El Tiki Taka: “As a Federation, we repudiate what happened to referee Jose Arnoldo Amaya.

“And we trust that the authorities can find those responsible for taking the referee’s life.”

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