Family Feud!!! Raymond Dokpesi And Son Disagree Over Coronavirus Comment

We just might have a family feud on our hands thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and it is between Raymond Dokpesi and his son. The Founder of DAAR communications in a recent video said he was confused on the difference between COVID-19 and malaria as all drugs he was given while in isolation were malaria medications.
Raymond Dokpesi And Son Disagree Over Coronavirus Comment
Raymond Dokpesi And Son Disagree Over Coronavirus Comment
He said at the time, “What’s the difference between COVID-19 and malaria? Every drug we were given were malaria medications.  “A number of persons who tested positive were checked in reputable labs, hospitals in Abuja and were found to have malaria parasites in their bloodstreams. When did malaria become synonymous with COVID-19?”

However, in an internal memo to staff of Africa Independent Television (AIT) and Raypower, the two stations owned by DAAR Communications, the media mogul said on Sunday, May 17, that he had settled with the Nigerian Government and Nigeria Centre for Disease Control over the issue.Dokpesi and his son clash over comment on COVID-19Dokpesi Jnr, upon his release from the Coronavirus isolation center, said caution must be exercised in comparing Coronavirus to malaria. However, after his comments were taken down in line with his father’s directive, Raymond Dokpesi Jr objected to his father censoring his views. According to reports,  Dokpesi Jnr was said to have told some DAAR Communication staff that he will not grant any more interviews to his father’s media organization.
He said, “I note and observe that the Facebook link that started trending has been taken down. I regret the action but reserve comment. “Please note that this was my last interview with any DAAR Communications PLC media and I will never grant this media house comment on any issue whatsoever.  “If you have interest in any comment I may have, you may report it from other media houses or from my personal social media comments. 

“Please do not even consider approaching me for any comments. Official comments regarding DAAR Communications PLC shall henceforth be routed via press release through the ED Corporate Communications or the Company Secretary.”
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