3 Questions You Should Ask On Your First Date

The first day you go out on a date should be a day that you get as much information on him as possible. It does not need to be like you are interrogating him, but let him / her feel at ease.
Ask him/ her these questions which will help you understand him / her better:
1 What do you do for a living? It is an important because you wont want to date a ritualist or an assassin. You can find out if he lies after you ask him / her, the countenance of the answer will give you the real character.

2 Ask him his role model: This will give you insight of his / her passion, values and his vision to you. Find out the main reason why he likes that particular role model.
3 What does he / she wants from this relationship: This will enable you wether you are on the same page with your partner to avoid time wasting. For in stance you might just want the sex and fun part, while your partner wants marriage and babies.

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