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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Qatar 2022: FIFA Open Disciplinary Proceedings Against Argentina

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The Netherlands vs Argentina world cup quarter-final was not an easy match for Antonio Mateu Lahoz to referee.

The Spanish official, who was criticised by footballers such as Emi Martinez and Lionel Messi, had to referee a match full of spats, both verbal and physical.

There was so much mayhem that, after analysing everything that happened on the pitch, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee opened proceedings against the Argentine Football Association.

FIFA will be investigating possible breaches of articles 12 (Misconduct of players and officials) and 16 (Order and security at matches) of the FIFA Disciplinary Code during the game that took place on Friday night.

It remains to be seen if they find any party guilty and what the punishments would be if they do.

In addition, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee has opened proceedings against the Dutch Football Association for possible breaches of article 12 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code in relation to the same match.

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