Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Q Man: Five Vintage Menswear That Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

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Vintage never goes out of style. Groovy, funky or high-end, vintage clothes come in a variety of selections that you can mix and match anytime and at any occasion. This is why you must never junk your grandpa’s or parent’s clothes. You’ll never know when they’ll get into style again. And with a few upgrades, they can still work that retro magic. Here are 5 vintage menswear you can be sure will always produce that retro magic always. They may become trendy on and off but they remain staple throughout the decades
Leather JacketLeather jackets are always in fashion. And if you know how to pull one off, you’ll wear a vintage leather jacket with spunk and attitude. You can hunt for the right leather jacket online and in thrift shops. Again, fashion is about attitude. You can either look try the biker look with a white tees underneath and denim jeans or a smarter look with a white shirt and trousers. But in a climate like ours, be watchful of the weather when you wear it. Otherwise you might look silly putting it on and sweating on a sunny afternoon.
Denim JacketThe denim jacket in faded or washed out shades can give that vintage look with the right combination of clothes. Denim gives men that rugged male look that is magnet to females. Most especially acid washed tones which are always reminiscent of the 80’s. You can try one one with or without the jacket sleeves. With sleeves, you can leave them down or rolled to the elbow.
Wax JacketThe wax jacket can be turned into a fashionable vintage piece for menswear. It is also a favored piece alternative to leather jackets to get that classic biker look. You can try achieving that smart urban look especially if you live in the city with a light casual shirt or polo underneath.
Plaid ShirtPlaid shirts are not rare in the modern menswear scene. They go well with leather jackets. You can also wear them buttoned up for that smart clean cut and schoolboy look. But you can also wear them open to boast that casual shirt underneath. You can style them with tattered jeans for a 90’s rugged look.
Loafer ShoesLoafer shoes have been around for many decades as an essential menswear. They can be worn casually with denim and without the socks on. They can also be paired with a casual shirt and chinos. While these pieces do ride between formal and casual, loafers fall short for black tie affairs. But, it can still give that smart look with suit on if you wear it with the right combination.Photo Credit: Getty

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