Sunday, January 29, 2023

Putin Has Threatened To Use Nuclear Weapons On The World 35 Times Since Invading Ukraine – Boris Johnson Rubbishes Kremlin’s Power

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Prime minister Boris Johnson has revealed Vladimir Putin made 35 threats of nuclear war against the West since invading Ukraine.

But he added some sort of peace agreement was possible to end the war despite the rhetoric from Russia.

Boris accused Russia of ‘sabre rattling’, telling Nick Ferrari’s show: ‘There’s an analysis that I think has been done by somebody recently, a think tank, that they’re looking at about 35 mentions or perhaps it’s a little bit more now, of that issue.

‘But I think it’s very, very important that we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be side-tracked by this kind of sabre-rattling, because fundamentally, what Putin is trying to do is to reframe this. It’s about Russia versus Nato.

‘It’s about a stand-off of that kind. It’s not. It’s about his attack on an entirely innocent country, with conventional weapons, with artillery, bombardments with planes, shells and so on.

‘And it’s about the Ukrainians’ right to protect themselves. That is what this is about, and what we had today, at Nato, was yet again, the Alliance being tested, being asked, being interrogated.

‘Are we resolved? Are we determined? Will we give the Ukrainians the means to protect themselves? And the answer was absolutely yes and, if anything, the strength of the unity is greater than it was before.’

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He went on to say a peace agreement could be on the cards for the future.

‘The Russian president actually enjoys very considerable levels of public support in Russia… depending on how you measure these things,’ he said.

‘He has a considerable margin of manoeuvre, to say “look, I went in, I had to achieve certain things”, and it will be up to him to specify what he thought that those were.

‘But in the interests of peace, in the interests of the world, the time has come to bring the technical military operation to an end, and to withdraw and to seek a new arrangement [Putin could say].

‘That is what I think he should do.’

Putin’s assault on Ukraine shows no sign of letting up after a shopping centre in Kremenchuk, Ukraine, was bombed by Russia.

russia and ukraineAccording to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenksy, more than 1,000 civilians were in the shopping centre at the time.

The building was immediately consumed by flames, as 56 people were injured and 20 people killed in the blast.

Horror CCTV footage captured the moment the missile hit the building and people diving for their lives.

russian and ukraine

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