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Na Man You Be: Public Figures That Are Known To Have Raised Other Peoples Children

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Being called a parent goes beyond birthing a child and for some people, they have had to raise other people’s kids and have made them their responsibility to provide them a better life. Some public figures have either adopted kids or gotten married to partners who had children in their lives before they came along and they decided to take on the responsibility seamless as a model humanitarian.

ublic Figure That Are known To Have Raised Other Peoples Children

There are a number of men who are public figures in his this mode of a model father who chose to be stepfathers, adopted parent, and guardians to children that aren’t theirs biological, including celebrities.
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These amazing personalities have demystified the popular belief around raising other people’s kids, where it is believed that the children suffer when not raised by their own parents. Below are some of these public figures that are known to have taken up this responsibility;

1. Hope Uzodinma
Imo state governor Hope Uzodinma showed that he is a man with a good heart and a kind soul. In June 2020, he adopted a poor 9-year-old boy, whose video singing a Catholic hymn went viral on the internet. The governor was moved by the little boy’s angelic voice and chose to adopt him as a part of his family. Today the little boy’s life and that of his biological parents is changed forever.

2. Flavour
Singer Flavour may have drama surrounding his brand and character but we cannot deny the fact that the actor has a great heart and a sweet personality. In the year 2017, he adopted a child with an impaired vision called Semah G Weifur who hails from Liberia. Semah was born visually impaired and was surviving with the help of Monrovia-based NGO, Christian Association of the Blind (CAB). The news of the adoption melted several hearts on social media as it showed the human side of the singer never seen before despite his numerous baby mama controversies. The adopted father and son released a single titled “Most High” which was a banging hit single. The two have been seen several times on social media serving goals and enjoying the most beautiful bond.

3. Williams Uchemba
Nollywood actor Williams Uchemba last year adopted an 18-year-old boy named Demola. The actor shared that he found the boy when he had gone shopping for furniture where he bumped into the teenager at the shop. After some conversations with him, Uchemba said he made up his mind to assist the smart young man. Today the boy’s life has been transformed and in recent snaps shared on social media, he seemed to be living the best life he could have ever imagined.
4. Daniel Aderinokun
Nollywood filmmaker Daniel Aderinokun is one man who has demonstrated that fatherhood is beyond birthing a child. The actor for several years was a father to the daughters of Stella Damasus who was his partner until last year. The actor had a great relationship with her kids and played the role of a father figure to them for years.
5. Ituah Ighodalo
The man of God is one of the public figures in Nigeria who demystified the idea behind fatherhood as many believed that you had to birth a child to be called father. The pastor adopted two beautiful children with his late wife Ibidunni Ighpdalo Keke and Zenan and openly shared their adoption story with the world. He is seen several times with the children and giving us all the amazing ideas of parenting.

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