‘Psoriasis Is The Sh*ts’! Kim Kardashian Shares Photos Showing Her Psoriasis Treatment

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has taken to social media to share her struggle with psoriasis. The reality diva shared a candid snap on her Instagram Story on Monday, to show how much having the skin condition is “the sh**ts.”The image showed her lying down with dark splotches of ointment smeared onto patches of her face, including under her eyes, on her forehead and chin. “Psoriasis is the sh**ts!” the 38-year-old reality star captioned the pic. Kardashian, who has been fighting a flare up of the skin condition for the past week, then posted the same photo again with the caption, “It’s just herbal ointment.” A photo of what appeared to be a light therapy device followed, with Kardashian describing the treatment as, “My new best friend.”Photo Credit: Getty


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